Aperitif Recommendation

Refreshing Cocktail-Classic with Strawberries and Prosecco
from Guiseppe Ciprianis Harry’s Bar in Venice.
——— 8 ———

Starters & Soups

Summer Salad 12
with watermelon, goat cheese, cherry tomatoes
olives and lemon vinaigrette

served with

fried Seawater Shrimps ~ 18
three small homemade Summer Sausages ~ 15

Carpaccio of Saumagen 18
with summer salad, chanterelle vinaigrette, and radishes

Matjes Tartare 16
with red onions, bell peppers, dill on marinated garden cucumbers

Terrine of Summer Venison 18
with pickled apricots, mustard radish and small brioche

“Chancellor Soup“
boiled beef consommé with marrow dumplings, vegetable and lovage

Iced Gazpacho 17
with olive oil, garlic croutons, pepper and tuna

Our Small Menu

Matjes Tartare
with red onions, bell peppers and dill on marinated garden cucumbers
* * *
Homemade Summer Sausage
with lukewarm potato-chanterelle salad and green pepper jus
* * *
Iced Apricot Soup
with mint and frozen yoghurt


From the Garden

Homemade Tagliatelle 20
with roasted chanterelles, young leek, cherry tomatoes and parmesan

From the Meadow

Angus Beef Steak
with chanterelle and leek vegetables, fried potato dumplings and green pepper jus

Veal Kidneys „à la Provence“ in Red Wine Sauce 26
with rosemary, atichokes, beans, small onions, braised tomatoes and mashed potatoes

Two kind of Lamb
- pink roasted back with herb crust & braised soulder -
with garlic spinach and Roman cams

Out of the Sea

Fried Anglerfish Medaillons 32

Seawater prawn skewer 30

Tuna Steak with basil butter 34

We serve our fish with
ratatouille vegetables, Fregola Sarda pasta and light tomato sauce

Our Classics

“The Pfälzer Favorite“ 19
Saumagen, bratwurst and liver dumpling with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes

Whole Fried Rainbow Trout – not filleted - 24
miller’s style with buttered potatoes and small leaf salad

Meatballs „Rossini“ 26
with fried foie gras, grated truffle, celery mousseline and chanterelle salad

Viennese Veal Escalope Schnitzel 26
with cranberries, lemon, and lukewarm potato-chanterelle salad

Wine menu

Terrine of Summer Venison
with pickled apricots, mustard radish and small brioche

2019 „Fleur“ Palatinate mixture of Riesling, Traminer & Silvaner
E. Weegmüller, Haardt
* * *
Two kind of Lamb
- pink roasted back with herb crust & braised shoulder -
with garlic spinach an Roman cams

2019 “S…..sprung” red wine cuvée
Dr. von Bassermann-Jordan, Deidesheim
* * *
Curd Cheese Praline
with blueberry ragout, vanilla sauce and walnut ice cream

2019 „Quarz“ Gewuerztraminer cabinet
E. Schmitt, Bad Dürkheim

with accompanying wines 68


Curd Cheese Praline 15
with blueberry ragout, vanilla sauce and walnut ice cream

Iced Apricot Soup 14
with mint and frozen yoghurt

Three Kinds of Sorbet 16
with marinated summer berries, mint and Grand Marnier sauce


Selection of cheese
with grapes and fig mustard
3 kinds 10 / 5 kinds 14 / 7 kinds 18
(75 g cheese) (125 g cheese) (175 g cheese)

All dishes are prepared fresh and with love for you. This does not change the fact that it may contain - even if only in trace amounts - allergens, such as: gluten-containing cereals, crustaceans, eggs, fish, peanuts, soya, milk, nuts, celery, mustard, sesame seeds, lupine, molluscs, sulphites. If you have any incompatibility, please contact your service technician in confidence. We will be happy to advise you individually and, if possible, prepare your meals in such a way that nothing stands in the way of allergen-free enjoyment. We do not use artificial colourings or flavour enhancers in the preparation of our dishes. Our homemade sausage specialities contain nitrite pickling salt and phosphate, dried apricots are sulphurised and black olives can be preserved with iron salt. All sour canned foods contain antioxidants.

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