Sparkling aperitif recommendations

Homemade woodruff syrup made from fresh woodruff. You either have to dry it or, like we do, freeze it briefly to unlock the typical aromas from the cells of the plant.
Poured with Riesling Sekt by Menger-Krug and served with lemon.
--- 1dl / 9 € ---


40 years after the legendary "Brut Premier", the champagne house Louis Roederer brings the "Collection" Edition 242 to the world. The number of the cuvée stands for the 242nd vintage since the Roederer house was founded. It is created from 56% of the best of the 2017 vintage -mainly Chardonnay as well as Pinot Noir and Meunier-refined with 34% of the 2012 Réserve Perpétuelle and 10% in wood-aged reserve wines of the years 09, 11, 13, 14, 15 & 16. The result is a multi-vintage champagne that meets all the requirements entails becoming a new classic among non-vintage champagnes. For sure!
--- 1dl / 17 € ---


Spring salad 14
with endive and dandelion, marinated radishes, roasted flaked almonds
and yoghurt herb dressing

White asparagus salad 17
with strawberries, mint, grated parmesan and basil pesto

served with baked ham 21

Terrine of guinea fowl 22
with truffle, roasted macadamia nuts, rocket and orange vinaigrette

Small tuna strudel 18
on avocado mango salad and coriander tomato vinaigrette


Pea foam soup 12
with small raviolo and lemon croûtons

Chancellor’s soup 11
beef consommé with marrow dumplings, vegetables and lovage

Small Menu

Spring salad
with endive and dandelion, marinated radishes, roasted flaked almonds
and yoghurt herb dressing
* * *
Veal patties pan-fried in butter
on asparagus à la crème, burgundy sauce and baked potato cubes
* * *
Tartlets from woodruff
with marinated strawberries and strawberry sorbet



Green and white asparagus 27
in wild garlic crêpe gratinated with sauce Hollandaise

Frankfurt Green Sauce 15
with parley potatoes tossed in butter

- with fried char fillet 15
- with five spears of white asparagus 12
- with small beef steak 15

From the sea

Arctic char fillet friend on the skin 34

Monkfish medallion 38

Scallop skewer 36
We service our fish dishes with:
Braised saffron fennel, celery and Fregola-tarragon pasta and bouillabaisse sauce

From the Meadow

“The Palatinate Favorite “ 20
Saumagen, Bratwurst and liver dumpling with Sauerkraut and mashed potatoes

Braised lamp shank with herb crust 32
with leaf spinach, bell pepper, Roman dumplings and light garlic sauce

Fillet of young pig with small black pudding galette 29
on beluga lentils, baked diced potatoes and balsamic pepper sauce

Rump Steak 29
with herb butter and fried potatoes, Pinot Noir sauce and small lettuce

Asparagus Time

Portion of domestic asparagus 25
with hand whipped hollandaise sauce or melted butter
and parsley potatoes

Asparagus in good company - combine with….
~ Wiener Schnitzel from saddle of veal with lemon 16
~ Two kinds of ham 14
~ Arctic char fillet with lemon 15

Dessert & Cheese

Tiramisu 18
with latte macchiato ice cream, marinated blueberries and almond sauce

Tartlet from woodruff 17
with marinated strawberries and strawberry ragout

Orange Campari sorbet 9
with pickled currants and peppermint

"Espresso Speciale" 12
crème brûlée, praliné and espresso

Selection of Cheese with grapes and fig mustard
3 types 10 / 5 types 14 / 7 types 18
(75 g cheese) (125 g cheese) ( 175 g cheese)

Wine Menu

White asparagus salad
with strawberries, mint, grated parmesan and basil pesto
served with baked ham

Weißburgunder 2021
Lucashof, Forst
* * *
Pea foam soup
with small raviolo and lemon croûtons

Grauburgunder 2021
Schneider, Ellerstadt
* * *
Beef steak pan-fried in rosemary butter
with green asparagus in crêpe coating and tarragon Hollandaise

„Zellertal“ Spätburgunder 2020
Schwedhelm, Zell
* * *
with latte macchiato ice-cream, marinated blueberries and almond sauce

Rosé brut
Sparkling wine manufactury Menger-Krug

served in 4 courses 69 / with accompanying wine 86
served in 3 courses (without salad) 57 / with accompanying wine 70

Order acceptance for menu until 1.45 p.m. or 8.45 p.m


All dishes are prepared fresh and with love for you. This does not change the fact that it may contain - even if only in trace amounts - allergens, such as: gluten-containing cereals, crustaceans, eggs, fish, peanuts, soya, milk, nuts, celery, mustard, sesame seeds, lupine, molluscs, sulfides. If you have any incompatibility, please contact your service technician in confidence. We will be happy to advise you individually and, if possible, prepare your meals in such a way that nothing stands in the way of allergen-free enjoyment. We do not use artificial colorings or flavor enhancers in the preparation of our dishes. Our homemade sausage specialties contain nitrite pickling salt and phosphate, dried apricots are sulfurized and black olives can be preserved with iron salt. All sour canned foods contain antioxidants.

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